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Vintage cars restoration

Ever Green Cars srl makes use of trusted collaborators, a consolidated partnership with the best tinsmiths, painters and mechanics; only the best of the various sectors can revive a myth with the same precision and care with which the parent company built them at the time!

The total restoration starts with the complete disassembly of the car, sandblasting of the body and washing of all the parts. We then move on to the sheet metal work and accurate and precise welding of the new parts to be replaced which takes place on the DIMA bench. Subsequently, the mechanical components of the chassis and engine are reviewed. After painting, the electrical system is assembled, then the interiors and various details.

Enzo takes care of the assembly of everything and is always present so that the car is absolutely perfect. This scrupulous attention is paid both to their own cars and to those of private collectors who willingly and willingly entrust their vehicles into the expert and careful hands of ever green cars and its owner, both for a total restoration or for a simple storage.

Specialized in Porsche 356 restoration

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