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About us

Ever Green Cars srl was born at the behest of its founder, Vincenzo Di Leo. Enzo (for his friends) as a great lover of vintage cars, he began to restore his first car as early as his adolescence.

With a similar preamble, his activity when he grows up becomes used cars where he opens his first dealership in Rome.

He moved to Milan with his family in the late eighties and began his business professionally. In the current location not far from praise Enzo welcomes you like a true enthusiast.

He will tell you about 356, 911, passion, engines and restorations treated with maniacal precision. The 356 Enzo adores them, loves them and pampers them one by one since the first that thirty years ago bewitched him for their beauty and charm.

From passion and play of the early eighties, when it imported, restored and resold to today, Ever Green Cars srl, has become the most important reality in the sector for the quality of the fleet always available and for the care of the restorations.

Vincenzo Di Leo

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